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We are a community of penetration testers, exploit developers, and security enthusiasts from all around the world who are interested in sharing what we have learned from years of experience in the IT Security field. Among other things, here you will find detailed explanations of real-life attacks, analysis of popular exploits, write-ups, and bug bounty tips.

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As you probably know, the second Tuesday of every month, Microsoft releases patches for its software products. And back in the days, many members of the PSEC team used to meet up on Patch Tuesday to reverse engineer the patches and understand what was fixed. Since then, these meetups have evolved and although we do not meet anymore every Tuesday, we do upload a YouTube video going through either a Capture the Flag (CTF) virtual machine, an exploit, or interesting attack technique every Tuesday.

If you have a CTF challenge or virtual machines that you want us to solve, feel free to send us a direct message at @ptracesecurity.

We regularly create short tutorials and how-to videos for you.

Do you have a question about a specific tool? Do you want to know how a certain technique works? Then, let us know via Twitter or Facebook and we will try our best to answer your question. 😉

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