• Safeguard your Applications and Infrastructure from Cyber Attacks.
    Assess now the security posture of your organization and prevent the next security breach.

How Secure are your Business-Critical 
Applications from Malicious Hackers?

In 2013, 94% of all the applications tested by Ptrace Security GmbH had one or more serious security vulnerability that could compromise the entire customer's network infrastructure. A preemptive Software Security Assessment could prevent the loss or compromise of corporate data and minimize the code you expose to untrusted users and cyber-criminals.

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Our Professional Services

  • Advanced Persistent threat (APT) Simulation

    An APT Simulation is a very sophisticated intrusion test designed to mimic the actions of a Real-World Attacker exploiting weaknesses in your Corporate Network. 

  • Source Code Review & Binary Auditing

    Source Code and Binary Auditing are security assessments performed to evaluate an application's potential exposure. 

  • Reliable Exploit Code Development

    Exploit development is a complex process where one or more software vulnerabilities are used to execute arbitrary code on the victim machine. 

  • Research & Development

    Our R&D division is specialized in cutting edge solutions to solve unusual issues, such as detecting a backdoor/rootkit, analyzing custom malware, or identifying complex 0day attacks.