Certified Software Exploit Developer Certification

The Ptrace Security Certified Software Exploit Developer (CSED) is one of the world’s most advanced hands-on certification for vulnerability researchers and exploit developers. The CSED certification challenges the student to prove they know how to discover and exploit software vulnerabilities on modern Windows machines during a seventy-two (72) hour practical exam.

A CSED has demonstrated their ability to analyze unknown binaries, identify security vulnerabilities, exploit them, and clearly document their results in a report.

Certification Process


Practical Exam

The CSED practical exam consists of several machines running multiple applications (e.g. network services, endpoint applications, etc.) that will have to be analyzed and exploited. Before the exam starts, the student receives a brief description of the target applications and the information to access the virtual network where the targets are located.

Once the exam has started, the student is free to use any tool, technique or methodology discussed in the Advanced Software Exploitation training course to analyze the binaries, find the vulnerabilities and exploit them.

At the end of the examination, the student will have an additional 24 hours to submit a comprehensive report, containing proof-of-concepts, exploits, custom fuzzers, screenshots and in-depth notes detailing their findings. Points are awarded for each fuzzer, PoC and exploit, based on their effectiveness and reliability.

Get Certified

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CSED Holders Can

  • Reverse engineer complex file formats, network protocols, and key components.

  • Identify vulnerable patterns and create custom intelligent fuzzers.

  • Develop reliable exploits for Windows x86/x64 applications.

  • Bypass modern exploit mitigations such as DEP and ASLR.