Python for Ethical Hackers Course

Designed to push your Python scripting skills to the next level!

Today’s reality is this: No matter what business you are in, no matter where in the world you are – if you’ve got data, then your business is at constant risk. These are the words used by Robert J. McCullen to describe the current situation in the 2013 Global Security Report. IT and security professionals are faced with an increasing number of threats that are not only growing in volume, but also in sophistication and scale.

The Python for Ethical Hackers course provides you the tools and teach you the techniques to quickly identify and fix weaknesses in your corporate network. After a quick introduction to the Python programming language, you will learn through several hands-on exercises how to collect information about your target, launch complex Web attacks, extend world-class tools such as the Burp Suite and WinDbg, discover software vulnerabilities, write reliable exploits for Microsoft Windows, and develop custom scripts for your Android phone.

Course Highlights

  • Develop custom applications for extracting data from social networks.

  • Understand how to develop customized network reconnaissance tools.

  • Learn to automate complex network and Web attacks.

  • Utilize Python to rapidly develop remote 0day exploits.

  • Learn to evade antivirus and IDS software with ad-hoc Python Voodoo.