Reverse Engineering Service

Reverse Engineering, also known as Reverse Code Engineering (RCE), is the process of extracting the internal structure and design of an application. RCE is usually conducted to obtain missing information about a software application when such information is unavailable. Knowing how an application stores or sends its data through the network may allow you, not only to interact with that specific application, but also to evaluate the real risk related to the use of a specific network protocol, data format, or software library.

As part of our reverse engineering service, we employ the most advanced techniques to retrieve the Application Programming Interface (API) of third party libraries, decipher file formats and network protocols or detect hidden functionalities (e.g. backdoors, key loggers, etc.).

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Our Software Reverse Engineering service provide you with:

  • The information required to develop an application capable of interacting with a specific library, file format, network protocol or third party application.

  • A broader understanding of IT security vulnerabilities and hidden functionalities in the software components your applications depends upon.