Source Code Review and Binary Auditing Service

Source Code Review and Binary Auditing, also referred to as Application Security Testing or Software Security Assessment, are the evaluation of a software application’s functionality and resilience to known security threats including, but not limited to buffer overflows, injection attacks, cross-site scripting (XSS), improper data sanitization, and weak authentication.

During an assessment, our security experts will use a collection of commercial and open source tools combined with manual testing to analyze the most exposed components of your application. Once all the major threats have been identified, we will evaluate the risks of each flaw and propose ways to mitigate them.

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Our Source Code Review and Binary Auditing services provide you with:

  • A consolidate method to preemptively reduce risk and protect your organization's IT assets.

  • A current view of your application's security posture.

  • An effective way to protect your customers and partners' data.